Think you can name a road trip destination without looking at a map?

Adam kicked off a new game this week called "Random Road Trip: Guess the Destination."The premise is this -- he's planned a road trip, but he's not telling you where you're going. Instead, he'll give you a list of generic directions starting from St. Cloud, which you have to follow along with in order to name the final destination. You're welcome to track along on a map if you need to, but more power to you if you can do it in your head!

Listen to this week's Random Road Trip below and see if you can guess the final destination before the participating contestant Ryan does!

Join Adam Wednesday's during the Drive Home with Adam about 5:25pm for your chance to play Random Road Trip: Guess the Destination!

If you like word-based games, be sure to join Adam every weekday from 4-5pm for WordPlay! In WordPlay! Adam will read the definition of a word straight from the Mirriam-Webster Dictionary. If you can correctly guess the word when you call in, you'll go into a weekly drawing for a Mix94.9 swag pack! Every time a word is correctly guessed, he'll give out another definition until the end of the hour. For every word you correctly guess throughout the course of the hour, you'll get another entry into the drawing!

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