The 'Great Minnesota Get Together' officially kicked off this morning and the weather is perfect--which is why it might be a nightmare to attend today. KARE 11 is reporting that traffic near the fairgrounds is a nightmare.

My first experience at the Minnesota State Fair was not good. It was very hot outside and the lines were long, so I didn't want to eat anything or even maneuver my way through the crowd.

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I told myself I didn't need to go to the fair ever again in my life. Then, I was forced to attend for work. It was a little rainy outside and there was a slight chill in the air. I thought for sure I'd have a bad time...but, I ended up having a total blast! There were virtually NO lines at all and I enjoyed the hot food because it warmed me up on the cold day. The fair also offers so many indoor exhibits and vendors--you don't have to spend a lot of time outside if you don't want to. Now, I'm completely addicted to attending the fair.

There's some rain in the forecast tomorrow which will actually make it the perfect day to attend, if you're like me. The lines will be shorter, you'll be able to enjoy the food hot and parking will be better.

So, grab out your best poncho, put on your rain boots and gear up for one of the most fun events of the year in Minnesota. And, I'll see you at the 'Great Minnesota Get Together'.

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