I've lived in Minnesota nearly my entire life, except for a two year period when I lived in Florida from age 9-11. I was the new girl in school and everyone had so many questions for me about life in Minnesota. I still get a lot of the SAME questions from other people who are new to the area. These are some of the most common questions that make me roll my eyes a little.

  • How cold does it get? (Uh, very cold. But, we're tough)
  • Do you live in Igloos? (NO. We're not Eskimos)
  • Is "Minnesota nice" a real thing? (It probably is, but we can also be "Minnesota passive aggressive")
  • Do people really put houses on the lake in the winter? (Yes, ice fishing is huge in Minnesota! Lakes become like small villages in the winter)
  • What's hotdish? (It's a starch, meat, cream of something and vegetable combo dish)
  •  Do you go to Canada a lot? (Actually, no...some people probably do though)
  • What's your obsession with Paul Bunyan (Um, I'm not sure actually)
  • You must go to MOA, like, all of the time! (Eh, I mean, when you CAN do something whenever you want, you usually don't)
  • Do you have a cabin? (Nope, but a lot of people do. It's our favorite pastime in Minnesota)
  • Are there really 10,000 lakes in Minnesota? (I believe there are more than that even!)
  • Are you a Twins fan (YOU BETCHYA)
  • What's your deal with the Packers? (They are our biggest rival football team)
  • Why do you guys talk like that? (Our accent is endearing. It's a little bit of everything...plus, we're super close to Canada, you know?)
  • Why do you take so long to say 'goodbye'? (I've just always thought that's what normal people do?)

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