Calling all Minnesota baking enthusiasts! A Prince themed cookbook is set to drop this month! Little Red Velvette - Prince Inspired Baking at Home is the title of this masterpiece and it was put together by Cat Food, a London baker. The recipes in the book are inspired by the life and legend of The Purple One himself and are easy to follow for beginners and seasoned bakers alike. The description of the book says,

Add sparkle and flamboyance to your day with a recipe book that includes Purple Rain ombre cakes, Raspberry Beret tarts, Darling Stikki toffee puddings, Most Beautiful Swirl in the World brownies and lots more bakes for you to get stuck into.


The cost for the book is 9 British Pounds (it was written by a London baker) which is about $13 American and you can order yours here! Since it is coming from across the pond, you will need to toss out an additional $27 for international shipping. The book is currently a pre-order and will ship sometime this month! It should be on sale this coming April.


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