You can add "Minneapolis" to the list of words President Trump has trouble pronouncing.

A short video posted to Reddit shows a compilation of clips of President Trump speaking about Minneapolis...and mispronouncing it every time.

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Rather than "Minneapolis," Trump says "Minne-annapolis" instead. Whether he thinks that's how it's actually said or he just can't pronounce "Minneapolis" we're not sure. In a recent video dated May 29, 2020, while calling for an end to the violent protests in Minnesota, Trump said, "We can't allow a situation like happened in Minne-annapolis descend further into lawless anarchy and chaos..."

For whatever it's worth the Minny-apple's namesake isn't the only word Trump can't seem to pronounce correctly. "Anonymous," "Venezuela," "Nevada," "Nepal," "Bhutan" and "Yosemite" amongst others also make the list.

To his credit, Trump knows words. He has the best words. He said so himself.

Then again, maybe Minneapolis is a tricky name to pronounce if you're not familiar with it.

"When I was in the Navy I lived in Florida, Mississippi, and California," said Duke_Thunderkiss in Reddit's comment section. "In each of those places I met people from all across the country. I have heard people mispronounce [Minneapolis] this way so many times. I still do not understand how it happens...I guess its a combo of Minneapolis and Indianapolis, but still."

Even our good friend Frankie MacDonald the Canadian weatherman gets "Minneapolis" wrong (even worse, perhaps, than Trump)!

What do you think -- is Minneapolis a hard name to pronounce?

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