Throughout our everyday lives we are bombarded with visual stimuli and constant interaction with people. There are critical moments that occur sometimes out of our control, nevertheless they require our attention. For example, these moments are ones where we accidentally do things or say things that hurt others or upset them. So we should be sensitive to such moments and try to make sure that if we fall into these behaviors, that we recognize it and resolve it right away. Most of the time people do not realize the effect they have in their surrounding. The concept of an environment can be thought of as a reality that’s greater than sum of its parts that compose it (people being the parts). Each person is a critical actor in the kind of environment that they create, whether it’s positive or negative. If we view life through the lens of individualism, then we will act and do things with unfettered freedom that can actually harm society at large. We must realize that we are actors on a large theater where the world is the stage. We have to make sure that our actions and decisions are within the context of the collective endeavor towards a world that is imbued with justice and unity. And that we are ultimately the ones responsible for creating such a world that undoubtedly we all want to live in.

By Sarv Mithagiyan, Mix 94.9 intern


About the author

Sarv Mithaqiyan (a.k.a. Sodid Misaghian) is a Baha’i, journalist, content creator for the YouTube channel Elevated & Meaningful, and he has studied Philosophy at UC Davis. Currently he is studying Strategic Mass Communication Master’s program at St. Cloud State University. Sarv is involved in the community helping junior youth aged people think about and carry out service projects to better the conditions of their surrounding. He is very interested in learning about what it takes to translate positive ideals like love, kindness, forgiveness, unity, justice, generosity into reality and action because this is ultimately how he believes the world can become a better place for everyone.