According to WCCO, Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey said that he will not be supporting President Donald Trump when he brings his campaign rally to Minneapolis's Target Center on Thursday, Oct. 10. Some people like Minneapolis Police Lt. Bob Kroll are questioning the timeline for their most recent policy change.

Lt. Kroll was recently interviewed on Fox News talking about the upcoming visit from the president. He was quoted saying, "No longer can you wear your uniform to support your political candidates...that's now prohibited...within hours of the president announcing he's coming here."

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There will be police officers providing security in uniform but they're allegedly not allowed to appear on stage or in the backdrop of the president.

The interviewer asked if police officers were supposed to hide, and Kroll's response was, 'That's exactly it."

According to Kroll, in past elections officers were ordered to be on stage with the president, "If you look back in the past when Bill Clinton appeared here, he was aligned with blue. They directed our officers against their will to be behind him...this one is exactly the opposite."

You can watch the full interview with Lt. Kroll here.

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