It's not every day you see a super star keep his end of a promise that started off as a joke.

A Wal-Mart in small town Kodiak, Alaska got a huge surprise yesterday when Pitbull showed up to meet the fans!

In what started as a campaign to have Pitbull visit a Wal-Mart that got the most likes on Facebook, it ended up being a "joke."

A journalist from the Boston Phoenix, David Thorpe, started a Twitter campaign to get Pitbull as far off the beaten path as possible. His campaign was to make the Kodiak, Alaska Wal-Mart the winner. That store is the most remote Wal-Mart in the country. Kodiak is a town with 6,130 people. Transportation to and from the island is provided by ferry service.

He didn't go alone either! Since it was David who wanted Pitbull to go so far away, he brought David with! He spent the day meeting and taking photos with residents and performing at a local Coast Guard base.

Pitbull left with a Kodiak swag care package including bear repellant and bear bells, which hikers use to scare off the more timid bears in the wilderness. I've been to Alaska, (Anchorage to be exact,) and yes the bells and repellant are no laughing matter.

Pitbull even tweeted,

"Thank U, Kodiak...I am honored, truly."

Good to know superstars know when to laugh at themselves and just prove people wrong! Now if he will go to Kodiak, let's see if we can get him here to St. Cloud!!!

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