The Minnesota State Fair's alternative Food Parade kicked off late last week, and photos of the fair grounds have revealed something shocking -- green grass.

"50,000 people used to eat here," reddit user u/zxc94 captioned the photos posted online, "now it’s a ghost town." (for the record, that line is a quote from the video game Call of Duty, not an accurate numerical estimation of how many people actually visit the fair each day, which is much higher).

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Besides the eerily abandoned state of the Great Minnesota Get Together's location, reddit users were quick to point out something else rare and unusual -- green grass.

"The grass is green and there's no garbage," commented Enreekus.

"State fair grounds has grass?" asked another in disbelief.

"I have a tradition of going first day, at gate open," shared a third. "It's beautiful like this, because there's still grass, and no garbage juice rivers yet."

Some have wondered what makes the grass so impervious to the millions of visitors that trample on it every year.

"I have always wanted to know what grass type they have planted there and put it all over my own lawn," wondered reddit user Gimlz.

"I have to assume its something researched by the university," guessed another.

Besides the shocking revelation of green grass and absence of "garbage juice rivers," it seems that the food parade itself may have been a bit of a letdown, according to one reddit user who managed to snag a ticket.

"Did the food parade. It was pretty underwhelming. I wish there were more vendors that had fresh, unfried foods to balance it out."

The Food Parade runs August 20th through the 23rd, the 27th through the 30th and September 3rd through the 7th. Tickets, which were made available online, sold out in less than three hours, to the dismay of many.

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