My dog Rosie gave a whole new, rather literal meaning to the words "Holy Crap" this last weekend.

As I took a nap this past Saturday afternoon, my wife Katie went out to run some errands, leaving our two-year old dog by herself.

I woke up to hear my wife, returned, scolding Rosie. Walking out into the living room, I discovered why -- Rosie had found my wife's leather-bound Bible, chewing up the front cover, the back cover and the spine, not to mention some of the pages inside.

Townsquare Media Staff

Now, we're used to and working on Rosie finding and chewing on things. But some items, understandably, upset us more than others, and this was one. This wasn't just my wife's Bible; it was her favorite Bible, the one she'd been given after completing confirmation years ago. Obviously, it carried a great deal of sentimentality.

It's been a couple of days now, and my wife has since forgiven Rosie and found a new Bible to replace the destroyed one. We've even been able to laugh at the whole situation! After all, by the next day Rosie had literally given a whole new meaning to the phrase "Holy crap!"

What's the most valuable or sentimental thing your pet or kids have destroyed?