Many people think that children and airplanes do not mix and parents traveling with children often times have to deal with scoffs, nasty looks and heavy sighs. One couple on a recent flight knew what they may have to deal with and apologized in advance to their fellow passengers and gave them a little treat to help them cope with their babies. 

The couple were traveling with their 14 week old twin baby boys passed out candies and ear plugs along with a note to their fellow passengers in order to help them deal with the issues that may arise during the flight. It says:

"We're twin baby boys on our first flight and we're only 14 weeks old! We'll try to be on our best behavior, but we'd like to apologize in advance just in case we lose our cool, get scared or our ears hurt. Our mom and dad (aka our portable milk machine and our diaper changer) have ear plugs available if you need them. We are in seats 20E and 20F if you want to come by to get a pair. We hope you have a great flight!"

The story made it onto the website Reddit within hours thanks to Andrew Merritt who just happened to be on the flight. He posted a photo of the note and the treat bag along with the comment, "The parents were fantastic and the kids were better than would be expected." Most Redditors thought it was cute, some believe it was faked, questioned the costliness of the gifts and others thought it was unnecessarily apologetic.

I think it's just "plane" awesome.  I bring gum, ear plugs and noise canceling headphones on the plane anyway, but I still would have taken the candy and I would never have passed up the chance to go see babies. What do you think? Would you have laughed it off or would you have criticized the couple?

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