Time to panic — Panic! At the Disco have launched a cryptic website featuring a "sleep calculator," and their fans are freaking out on the internet, speculating that new music will arrive soon.

The website, called Shut Up and Go To Bed, instructs visitors to fill out some prompts and include their "bedtime" in order to "find out when to wake up." It asks for age range, a preferred bedtime and an email address in order to calculate the results.

Upon selecting the 27-35 age group, going with the default bedtime of 10:30 PM and pressing the "Calculate" button, the screen changes to a red image with yellow text that reads, "Don't be a diva it's time to be free. If you're going to bed at 10:30 PM you need to wake up at 6!01. Don't forget to set your alarm, so you know when to wake up."

Sometimes the flashing "6!01" changes to "V!LV" instead. Underneath, there is an option to "Set an alarm," and when that is clicked, you can hear Brendon Urie singing "shut up and go to bed" if your volume is turned up.

Furthermore, as NME pointed out, the source code for the Shut Up and Go to Bed website also has a message embedded into it that reads, "Nothings really real, no one really feels."

While "6!01" likely points to a June 1 release date, their fans have come up with various assumptions as to what these mysterious codes mean. Most of them conclude that the teaser is for new music, and that it's going to be a "new era" for them. Several others have pointed out that emo is making a comeback, as My Chemical Romance also just released a new song last week called "The Foundations of Decay."

Some of their fanbase has concluded that V!LV stands for 5:55 in Roman numerals, which could potentially be the length of the song. Others went even further and discovered that the domain for the website is owned by Warner Music Group, and that it was launched on May 2.

According to a PATD fan account on Twitter, some of their fans have also been receiving letters that say, "Soon enough you'll be living the dream, but for now it's time to shut up and go to bed. Set your alarm to 6:01, and don't be a diva!"

New music from Panic! At the Disco will mark their first release since 2018's Pray for the Wicked, which was their second album to list Urie as the only official member of the group. Some people have reacted negatively to the topic of new music from the rocker as a result of his past controversial behaviors as a result.

"Oh Panic! At the Disco are coming back? Ok cool lets take this as a reminder that Brendon Urie slander is always ok no matter what and in fact should be encouraged," one user wrote.

See a series of tweets regarding the news below — and don't forget to set your alarm.

Panic! At the Disco
Panic! At the Disco

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