Congratulations to our "Teacher of the Week", Cathie Stein. Cathie is a Special Education teacher from Monticello Middle School.

From masks to empty or partially empty classrooms -- it's been a year of first's. Presenting the Teacher of the Week award to Cathie added another first. We did it via a Zoom meeting, but we made sure it was still a surprise.

Principal Scherber set up a meeting about something totally unrelated (and really not about that at all). Suddenly I crashed the meeting, much to Cathie's surprise, and told her she was our Teacher of the Week. It was a different experience but certainly quite fun.

Cathie was nominated by Ashley Buresh. Here is her letter to us:

Cathie is hands down the most incredible teacher that I've had the pleasure to have in my son's life. She's constantly going above and beyond and out of her way to make sure my boy is getting the most out of his education. She has a sixth sense when he is struggling whether it be school work or home stuff. Cathie doesn't hesitate to reach out to me at work or at home to discuss issues and give praise. She's been a huge asset to my son's learning abilities. And pushes him in the right direction each day. I can't thank her enough for being there for us no matter how difficult the situation. - Ashley Buresh

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Our 'Teacher of the Week' receives a plaque from All-Star Trophy and Awards. and gift certificates from Great Harvest Bread Company, Sunday Brunch from Coyote Moon GrilleMorph Salon & Barbershop, and St Cloud Floral.  A special thanks to Mathnasium of St. Cloud for also sponsoring our "Teacher of the Week."

Nobody knows what this school year will continue to be like. But one thing we know is that we want to continue to recognize teachers in Central Minnesota, even if it's in an empty classroom. We are ready to adjust to whatever situation presents itself.

Thank you to all of our teachers. If you know a teacher that should be recognized, tell us all about them here.

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