A staple food in my childhood was Oreo O's cereal. The original run of it featured black cereal rings with white frosting beads on them as well as an extreme version with mini marshmallows mixed in for added fun (sugar). I LOVED THEM. They were the best, but were unfortunately discontinued in 2007.  For 10 years they were only available in South Korea, but now they are back in the USA! Post Cereal company announced that this run of Oreo O's cereal is "indefinite" meaning it might even be here to stay! God bless us everyone. I of course had to get a box for myself and see if they still tasted as good as they did when I was 10. Typically cereal is no longer my go-to breakfast food. I usually reach for something with a bit more protein and less sugar. It's fun being an adult, isn't it?


The verdict of the taste test: find out in the video below!

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