I've adopted my grandma's philosophy on Halloween. If someone comes to my door trick or treating, I give them candy, regardless of age. I think Halloween should be a holiday where everyone can have fun. Otherwise, Halloween becomes a holiday where teenagers are virtually excluded from participating altogether.

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Recently, on Facebook I've seen grumpy people complaining about how they refuse to give teenagers candy on Halloween because it's meant for little kids. Crabby people have posted vague warnings on social media about how teens will be refused candy at their homes (as if any of these kids will even see the warning).

I just think this is a sad way of thinking. We live in a world where children seem to grow up way too fast. The magic of holidays fades away with age and Halloween becomes more about partying, getting into trouble and making questionable decisions. Shouldn't we reward the teens who are still trying to hold on to that last little bit of childhood?

I've also heard people say that they refuse to give candy to children and teens who aren't dressed in costume. Seriously? You're really going to take back a Tootsie Roll or candy bar for lack of costume? Some kids can't afford costumes. I don't think it should matter. It's your house and your rules...but, you're not teaching children anything in this scenario. You just look like the Halloween Grinch who is shaming a kid who wants a little candy and isn't going to a party.

Instead of tearing these kids down, I choose to celebrate them. I give these teenagers extra candy for making good choices. They could be out, getting into trouble, participating in illegal activities, etc. But, instead, they're at my door step asking for a candy bar. Anyone who rings my door bell for candy will get candy.

Let's choose to all have fun together and make it an enjoyable night for everyone regardless of age.

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