No one tells you how much work goes into planning a wedding. When you first get engaged people hound you for a date. Then you give them a date and they want to know a million little other things that probably didn't cross your mind during all of the excitement of saying, "yes." It's a really exciting time, but it's also kind of stressful because you are constantly battling yourself between staying within your budget and going hog wild with things.

Last night I picked out and ordered my wedding invitations--which has been stressing me out lately! We're about three months away from the wedding, and everyone has been telling me that my invites should have been sent out like yesterday. So, picking out the invites was like the weight of the world being lifted off of my shoulders.

Now, I'm stressing out about the next wedding list item...creating all of the center pieces. Can I just fast forward my life to November 18 and skip all of the grunt work?

Here's just a sneak peek of my wedding invitation seal! What do you think?