How. About. That. Comeback.

Before I tell you about someone who may have had a better day then the Minnesota Vikings. Let's talk about that game.

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By now you've probably heard over and over again, but the Vikings comeback win against the Indianapolis Colts is an NFL record. It's the most behind any team has EVER comeback from, to win the game in the history of the NFL and that includes the playoffs. We were down 33 points, THIRTY-THREE POINTS! I heard on ESPN Sportscenter that when we were down by that much from a statistical standpoint we had a POINT eight percent chance of winning. Meaning we didn't stand a chance.

But defying all the odds, our boys came back and won it in OT, 39-36! Pretty sure I have lost years off my life between the Colts and the Bills game now. At the end of the day though I couldn't be more excited! With all the ups and downs during Saturdays game, you may have missed some things, a lot actually happened with the Colts game besides the incredible comeback win. Such as:

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  • K.J. Osborne Had a Day

K.J. Osborne stepped it UP during the Colts game, having the greatest game of his career! He had ten receptions, several being clutch during the game, for 157 yards and 1 touchdown

  • Dalvin Cook goes over 1,000 rushing yards

  •   NFC North Division Champs

With a win against the Colts we clinched the NFC North and are the Division Champs once again! Last time we won that was in 2017, so it was time again. AND we did it before the end of season. There was no, "well if this team loses and this one wins...then and only then would the Vikings make the play off". Nope this was a real bona fide division win with three games yet to go in the regular season!

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  • Jackie Meets her Crush

Remember when I said, there might be one person who had a better day than the Minnesota Vikings? That person is my favorite diehard Vikings fan, Jackie, or maybe known best for her TikTok handle @cadillacjackk. She was at the Vikes game over the weekend and was on field before hand and was able to meet her absolute favorite player Justin Jefferson and it was the absolute cutest thing you'll see today:

@cadillacjackk It happened people!!! #fyp #foryoupage #foryou #vikings #mnvikings #minnesotavikings #jj #jefferson ♬ original sound - CadillacJackk

Want to see exactly how protective she is of J.J. check out her classic Jackie reactions being at the game.

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@cadillacjackk Safe to say Jackie could not have had a better day at the game #fyp #foryoupage #foryou #vikings #mnvikings #minnesotavikings #minnesota #football @vikings @millerlite.official @nfl ♬ original sound - CadillacJackk

Glad that our boys were able to pull off the win for her first Vikings game and now I'm going to rest, because all our hearts need it still before this weeks game, which is ANOTHER Saturday game and make sure you know about the "Whiteout Game" HERE!


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