There's an old church in Holdingford, Minnesota that's been converted into a private residence. It's currently on the market (listed as pending on for $75,000 ... but, there's already an accepted offer on the table. Bummer! I feel like I'm super late to the party.

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An auction took place a few weeks ago, so we're not totally sure what the church actually sold for, although, the starting bid was $75,000.

How cool would it be to live inside an old church? There's so much space, the possibilities are endless. The old church is located at 9948 20th St. in Holdingford and has only been on the market for about a month.

Inside, you'll find 2,800 square feet of finished space complete with two bedrooms and two bathrooms, all on a 1.85 acre lot.

You've gotta check out the pictures. Inside you'll find old built in shelving that looks original to the church. There are several stained glass windows throughout the home as well as light fixtures that appear to be original to the building.

The former vestibule area now contains a sitting room. The original sanctuary/pulpit area is still completely unchanged.

You won't find any pews left in this building, though. The space is completely open and ready for a homemaker's touch!

It's pretty neat! You can take a peek inside and check out our photo gallery below. Do you know of any other cool buildings for sale in central Minnesota? Email,

Old Holdingford Chuch Converted Into Private Home

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