The much-anticipated collaboration between Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber "I Don't Care" is now playing on Mix 94.9!

Following a great deal of teasing from the two artists, "I Don't Care" released Friday with surprisingly little fanfare. "It’s out now. I don’t care," wrote the Biebs on social media, perhaps tongue-in-cheek.

Sheeran took a slightly more on-the-nose approach, posting a ridiculous photo of him with Justin's face superimposed over his.

"This picture is the stuff of nightmares but I’m posting it to remind you I have a song with the Bieb out right now called I Don’t Care..."

“Cause I don’t care when I’m with my baby, yeah/All the bad things disappear/ And you’re making me feel like I maybe I am somebody."

The song is, presumably, about the ladies in their lives -- Justin's new wife Hailey Baldwin Bieber and Ed's Cheery Seaborn -- though Justin also touches on his battle with mental health.

"I’m crippled with anxiety/But I’m told it’s where we’re s’posed to be/You know what?/ It’s kinda crazy ’cause I really don’t mind/And you make it better like that."

Listen for the pop collaboration "I Don't Care" playing now on Mix 94.9!

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