If you're looking for a fun adventure this weekend and want to knock something off of your bucket list, you can actually visit the most northern point in the contiguous United States without having to travel too far.


If you exclude Alaska, Angle Inlet, Minnesota is the northern most point of the U.S. It sits at 49 parallel 23'N, according to the World Atlas. In fact, it's a part of Minnesota that isn't attached to Minnesota by land. If you want to get to it, you have to drive through Canada unless you get there by boat. Weird, huh?! If you don't have a passport, this might be the perfect time of the year to get to it. You can drive over the ice.

It's a long story, but someone screwed up the map way back when. It's part of Minnesota now that shouldn't have been. But, here we are.

If you go there, you'll find a Northernmost Point Marker. Most people usually pose for photos with it as a memento.


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