Back in the day, Legends in the Holiday Inn was somewhat of a hot spot.  People would go there to hang out on weekends, listen to the band, dance, have great drinks and great food.  They had themed parties including a huge Halloween party each year that was a lot of fun with a costume contest.  I do remember some of the costumes being very clever and somewhat elaborate.  One person was even dressed as an outhouse...that had to take some doing.

Anyway, during the pandemic, Legends had to close, just like everyone else.  They did try and open for a short time, but closed again and used that time to embark on a giant remodeling project.

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If you have driven by the Holiday Inn in St. Cloud located just off of Hwy 15, you have been watching the progress of the remodeling project that included Legends bar and grill.

If you were like me, you have been watching this progress and wondering when they would finally open up again to the public.

That day has finally come.  This Friday, May 19th, Legends Bar and Grill in the Holiday Inn will again be open to the public with a brand new look. The new look is much more modern and even trendy.

Even if you were not someone who would frequent Legends during the 90s, and earlier, you may want to check out this new and updated bar and grill.

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