Everyone wants to start the year off on the right foot! Here are a few superstitions that can help you have a great start to 2017!

Eat 12 Grapes at Midnight - Grapes used to be considered a lucky food, so eat 12 at midnight, one for every month in the new year!

Light off fireworks and noise makers - The loud noises are meant to scare off evil spirits! Hanging a lemon in the door way has the same effect.

Lay Low - Stay at home and DON'T do housework! Washing laundry and dishes was once thought to "wash away" good luck and could bring on the death of a family member. No one wants that!

If you do go out, wear new clothes! - Doing this will increase the likelihood of you getting more new clothes in the new year!

Don't Cry! - Crying on New Year's Eve or Day could bring on unhappiness for the whole year! It's best not to risk it.

Open the Doors - Open up your doors when the clock strikes midnight to let all the bad from the past year out! I know the weather isn't ideal for this in Minnesota, but just do it for a second and see if it improves the coming year!

And of Course, Kiss Someone at Midnight! - A new years eve kiss is a symbol that your love and affection will last all year! Last year my kiss was on the cheek from my best friend, gotta say that the superstition was true!

What is your superstition? Share it in the comments!

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