ST. CLOUD -- Updates to the New Tech high school were given at Wednesday night's St. Cloud school board meeting.

The Physical education and activity wing was redesigned, allowing for expansions to better suit the future of Tech athletics. The wrestling and weight rooms were placed on the second floor, above the locker rooms, to make room for expansions.

The gymnastics program was a focus of these updates, with three options presented for the program at the meeting.

An offsite facility, either at North Crest or Granite City Gymnastics, which would not be year-round, and cost the district around eight-thousand dollars for the season, using the fourth gym at the high school, or staying at the current Tech High facilities.

The current estimate for the new updates, without giving the gymnastics program a dedicated space, is 1.2 million dollars.

The school is still on track to be opened in the fall of 2019.

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