SARTELL -- It won't be much longer until Sartell's newest fire truck will be responding to calls.

The new 100-foot platform truck arrived a few months ago and will replace the departments 25-year-old ladder truck.

Fire Chief Peter Kedrowski says his department is still going through some training with their new truck before it's put into service.

It's a completely new piece of apparatus that we've never had here before. We're taking our time to do things correctly and making sure people are comfortable and let that dictate when we put it into service.

The 100-foot aerial platform truck will allow for both rescues of people trapped on the top floor of an apartment and for spraying water from higher vantage points.

Kedrowski says the new truck has several features their current ladder truck doesn't possess.

The previous truck had a 75-foot ladder without the platform, so this new truck enables us to do a lot more. From its maneuverability, the ease in which we can set up, and the types of rescues we can do have really expanded with this truck.

Kedrowski says they hope to have the new truck in service within the next month. As for the old ladder truck, Kedrowski says they are in talks to sell it to a smaller fire department.

The new Sartell fire truck cost roughly $1.2-million and will have a sister truck within the Sauk-Rapids Fire Department.

New Sartell Fire Truck

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