This week's preview of new music we're adding to MIX includes a massive hit-maker disguised as an extra-terrestrial pop princess and five down home southern rockers from Mississippi way.

It's no secret Katy Perry can pretty much open up her mouth and a monster hit comes out. Her musical team knows a killer pop hook when they hear one and the consistent success Katy has had in the past four years isn't in danger of slowing down. But that was all before Russell Brand. Who knows? Maybe her next album will be all ballads of true love or, (more likely) manic comedy novelty tracks. This week we're premiering 'E.T.' a video that was just released this week.


Speaking of consistent hit-makers, on the rock side you can't get more solid that 3 Doors Down. These five swamp dwellers have been fusing a base acoustic sound with a hard layer of electric since their formation in 1995. Their first big breakthrough was 2000's 'Kryptonite', and now they're back with another churning and emotional rock effort 'Time Of My Life'. We're spinning 'When You're Young'