A big announcement from the KIDS coming next week.

NKOTB (www.nkotb.com)
NKOTB (www.nkotb.com)

A source close to the story tells us New Kids on the Block are set to make a special announcement this Tuesday (January 22nd) on "The View."  There's been a lot of speculation on what the late 80's/early 90's boy-banders plan to announce.  The source says not only can we expect a new single and album out in the very near future -- January or February -- but a nationwide summer tour is planned with some very special guests.  Lots of names have been rumored, but it looks like fans of 90's pop will get a treat, possibly with the addition of another multi-platinum boy-band and a legendary Grammy Award-winning vocal group. We will find out details Tuesday on "The View."

Rest assure we will be all over the groups new single once we get our hands on it.  So "Hang Tough" and keep your ears / eyes locked to the Mix for the latest.

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