Jupiter Moon Ice Cream is coming to St. Cloud, but you won't be able to check them out in a storefront. Instead, you'll have to catch the new ice cream option on a tricycle cart.

According to the Jupiter Moon Ice Cream Facebook page, they're a hand-crafted small batch ice cream business working to "bring smiles and joy" to St. Cloud.


Co-owners David Boyer and Megan Freas operate the ice cream business from their tricycle cart which features six different options at any given time, including a vegan option. Their flavors are ever changing as they create new flavors and experiment. They currently have; vanilla bean, mint chip, coffee, cookies & cream, lemon poppy seed, coconut key lime, chocolate and salted caramel. Boyer said, "all of our flavors are gluten-free...even the mighty delicious cookies & cream." According to Mixin' It Up Gluten Free Bakery's Facebook page, the ice cream business rents out space from their facility to produce and package the frozen treats.

So, when and where can you catch the new ice cream option? Boyer says, opening day will be on Saturday, May 18 at Copper Pony in downtown St. Cloud to help celebrate their two year anniversary.

You can find more information on the Jupiter Moon Ice Cream Facebook page.

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