ST. CLOUD -- You will soon have a new place to take your family for a day of fun in St. Cloud.

Blacklight Adventures is planning to open in June next to Burlington Coat Factory, inside the former Cashwise Liquor Store.

Jay and Tina Mrozek are the owners of the business. Jay says this is something they've wanted to bring to St. Cloud for about 10-years.

We spent the last ten years running a children's ministry at a church and we absolutely loved being able to connect and work with families. We revisited this idea and we were still excited and said if we were going to do it now is the time.

Mrozek says they really want to create an environment where families can hang out and enjoy themselves. He says their biggest attraction is a 3,000-square-foot blacklight laser tag arena.

Our main attraction is the laser tag, that's going to make people want to come back. Our other attractions include an old school type of arcade, a virtual reality arcade, we also have a family oriented escape room.

Mrozek says they will also have concessions and party rooms for rent. He says they are also starting to look to hire within the coming weeks.

Blacklight Adventures is currently under construction and is expected to be open in June.


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