Have you watched the Netflix show "Locke and Key"?  That show is about how there are several locks in this house that all do something special.  They will take you places that you may not have ever gone before...sometimes it can be scary, or just interesting.

This tour isn't quite like that... but this new tour at the Glensheen Congdon mansion in Duluth will take you places that you probably haven't seen before.

There have been so many stories surrounding the infamous mansion and the Congdon family.  Just about anyone that has heard of the mansion has heard about the "Congdon murders".  What actually happened in the house and to various members of the family?  Most of these stories are based in truth, but have been embellished upon throughout the years. But there were definitely murders in/around the house.

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These two new tours that begin this summer will take you through places that you may or may not have heard of or seen before.  The "Lock and Key" tours are more of a "behind the scenes" tours.

This was the post on Glensheen's Facebook page:


Sounds like you don't have to pay any extra for these new experiences, you can just add that to your mansion tour ticket price.

If you have toured the mansion before, this would be something new and an interesting tie in to the rest of the tour.  Plus, it's great to be able to also see the grounds during the summer if you have only toured the mansion in the winter.  The holiday tours at Glensheen are very popular, but you don't really get to see much of the outside areas because... you know... winter and Minnesota.

If you are interested in taking or scheduling any of these extra tours, you can check out their website here. 

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