We can hear the screams now...New District will perform four mini concerts for grades 5-8 at Sartell Middle School on Wednesday, September 28th. Want to learn more about the five guys who will take over central Minnesota in just 72 hours? Los Angeles' New District make exuberant, R&B-infused dance music and romantic, acoustic pop. A truly international group, the guys came together in 2015 via a worldwide internet-based talent search conducted by the artist management and development company Isina.

New District is Dylan, Julian, Devin, Jaden, and Sean. Check out the links and videos below. Also keep requesting their latest single "Ain't Got Money" on the Drive 2 Five with Abbey weekdays between 4-5:00 p.m.

FYI - The guys were recently nominated for a Teen Choice Award for "Choice Music, Next Big Thing!"

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