I noticed a very lovely trend this weekend on Facebook. Many of my friends updated their profile pictures to one that showed off their Dad. Awww, too cute!! But, it get even cuter when you add Channing Tatum to the mix of Awww . . .

Channing and his wife, Jenna, added to their family two weeks ago. The birth of their first child, a daughter named Everly. I don't know for sure if they publicly released any other photos or had any paparazzi snap one while they were out in public, but is this not the cutest Father's Day photo. (Well second cutest next to the one of you and your own daddy.)


The caption of the Facebook photo read: "First Father's Day with my girls!"

Let's all do this together . . . Awwww.

I hope you and your Father enjoyed each others company yesterday no matter where the two of you were in this universe!

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