It's National Kiss Day :) Do you remember your first kiss?  Who was it with?  Was it awkward?  I hope everyone takes the time to celebrate this day by finding someone special in your life to share it with!  If you’re a single parent, give those kids a big smooch, if you’re in a committed relationship; give that person the most passionate wet one they’ve ever received!  It’s very important to show those people how much you care and deeply appreciate the relationship you have. 

I plan to celebrate “National Kiss Day” by going home tonight and planting one on the most loving wife a man could ask for, Tracy Lynn (see my attempt at sucking up here) and then finding my little sweet face Macy Lynn and doing just the same!  I’ve written several blogs in the past about not spending enough quality time with my family due to various reasons, so I’m looking to make up some ground with today’s festivities. 

Have a wonderful weekend and remember to make the “Kiss” count today!

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