ST. CLOUD -- More than 50 Minnesota National Guard soldiers are deploying from St. Cloud to Kuwait Friday.

Company Commander, Major Nathan Burr, will be leading the soldiers.

"Today is a day filled with all types of emotions, today we say goodbye to our families and friends and we start our journey for the mission we have been called to do."

Throughout the deployment, soldiers will be giving medical evacuation support in the region.

"Charlie Company we have a very unique and vitally important mission, a mission that brings hope and honor to those we serve and I know without a doubt we are fully trained and qualified to conduct the missions we'll be asked to conduct."

For Burr, this is his third deployment.

"Our biggest challenge is going to be maintaining focus on our mission and being able to accomplish everything we need to support the ground forces that are over in that area."

For 11 months soldiers will be away from home. Burr says being away is never easy.

"Just making sure that we can stay connected with our families. Making sure that they understand what we are doing and that we understand what they are doing back at home."

Soldiers have been training for eight months to prepare for the Kuwait deployment. Burr says his company is ready.

"My commitment to you is that I will do everything in my power to make sure Charlie Company is safe and we all return back to Minnesota."

This will be the first deployment for 18 of the 52 soldiers. In all the company makes up 47 men and five women.

Several lawmakers came out to the event including US Senator Tina Smith.

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