Do you have a bucket list? Do you have one just for the great state of Minnesota? If you didn't, you might by the time you get done reading this. Personally, I have kept a running list of what I call "Life Adventures I want to Experience", that yes is a bucket just sounds more exciting!

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Photo by Tobi on Unsplash
Photo by Tobi on Unsplash

Anyway, I'll be the first to admit that there are quite a few things I have been learning about Minnesota since I started working in St. Cloud. I grew up in Minnesota and always thought I knew a lot about my great state, but truth is, I had barely touched the tip of the ice berg.

There's a group on Facebook called "Quirky Minnesota Places" I joined a few months ago, and it has been a wealth of information. I feel like each day I am learning about some cool new unique, "quirky" place, an experience or a piece of history that Minnesota has to offer. I've been doing my best to now put together a list of just "Minnesota Adventures I want to Experience" and there are a LOT!

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Where to start, how to do it right? These are just a few of the questions I've been asking. Then low and behold the great "Quirky Minnesota Places" group comes in clutch for me once again. This time someone shared a cool Minnesota "game" called, "Minnesota Adventure Bucket List".

The description of the game via the website, Reach International Outfitters, describes it as:

50 scratch off bucket list adventures around the state of Minnesota. Pick a city that you want to explore, check out the icons at the bottom of the card to determine the season, cost, and time of day, and then scratch off the card to reveal your adventure!

According to many of the comments on Facebook, the game at the price of $54.99, gets mixed reviews. Many think it's a great idea and could be an awesome gift. As Kelly S. wrote,

I love this idea!! I'd rather spend $ on an adventure idea for my kids than junk in their stocking! Great suggestion!!! - Kelly S.

Or for those having a hard time spending the money, Carl W. had a great suggestion, stating;

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It's not spendy, just think of it as fifty $1 scratch offs. - Carl W.

Except, as was pointed out, you still have to pay for the trip it reveals. But there were many who had Joyce M.'s sentiment, saying,

Kinda spendy...$55 just for the tool to help me decide what to do? No thanks. -Joyce M.

Each to their own, but it could make for a very unique idea, especially for those who aren't great at planning or making decisions. This could help settle the family argument of where to go, maybe? Thrown them in a pile, draw one and that could be your next trip. If you wanted to get really creative and more personal, you could also draw off the idea and make up your own cards by just simply following the great Facebook group that teaches me oh so much about "Quirky Minnesota Places".

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