My fiance is a huge baseball fan, so naturally, he's been obsessed with the World Series this year because the Chicago Cubs haven't made it in 71 years. They haven't won a title since 1908...Think about that--the NFL didn't even exist the last time that happened. That's insane.

So, naturally, my fiance wants us to go to Chicago on a whim Saturday night. Normally, I'd be down for a spontaneous adventure, but my bridal shower is on the same day. I know I'll be tired, but I could definitely sleep in the car.

His plan is that we'd leave Saturday night around 10 p.m., drive to Chicago and pull an all-nighter, spend the day there and then drive back to St. Cloud Sunday night to be back in town just in time for work on Monday morning. It seems like a crazy idea, but we'd be witnessing history in the making. So, I'm torn. Do I do the adventurous thing, or the smart thing?