I've been told that no wedding happens without a sprinkle of drama. I thought that the blizzard was all of the drama that I was going to have to deal with, but I was wrong.

Here's some of the backstory...I have a friend who was a little salty that she wasn't asked to be in the wedding party. She was also upset with my decision to not include children in the invitations. She has a three-year-old daughter who she felt should have been invited and asked to be a flower girl. Although, she never said anything to my face, she was pretty vocal to my family members.

She and I were really close when we were kids but we grew apart as we got older. I decided to only include my sisters and my husband's sister in my bridal party. Eventually this person, let's call her Sally, got over it. I asked Sally to be my personal attendant and she accepted.

Everything was fine and well until the night before the wedding. Sally didn't show up to the groom's dinner. In fact, she told me she wasn't coming 30 minutes before the groom's dinner started. She claimed that she didn't know the dinner was in Milaca, even though I sent her the invitation a month prior.

Despite her no-show, I decided to not make it a big deal and just go with the flow. So, I asked her to be at my wedding venue at 9 a.m. the next morning to help decorate and pick up the flowers from the florist. She never responded.

The next morning she wasn't there at 9 a.m. when we needed her. In fact, she didn't show up until 3:45 p.m. and the wedding started at 5 p.m. She completely missed out on decorating and helping out with her personal attendant duties that day. When she did show up, she had her child and her 12-year-old sister with her.

Her kid was running around pulling decorations off of tables, screaming, crying and acting like a typical three-year-old. Sally thought it was funny and did nothing to calm her child. One of my bridesmaids finally had enough. She went up to Sally and said, your child needs to please sit quietly or you need to take her home.

Sally went into the bathroom with her child and sister where she proceeded to smack talk me and the wedding for about 30 minutes. She took selfies in the bathroom and posted them to Facebook with the tag, "blood ain't family." It was obviously aimed at me. She eventually left the venue and went home. She showed up awhile later, this time with her mom, sister and stepdad. She ate and then she left. She offered no apology, no card wishing me well...nothing.

I sent her a message yesterday just letting her know that it hurt my feelings. Her response was two choice words that begin with F and end with you. So, my big question here is, who was in the wrong?

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