The year isn't over yet and there's still time to make great memories. But, as we near the end of the year, I've been reflecting on all of the great things that did happen this year. Here are my top 5 moments from 2018.


1. My trip to Chicago--It was my only vacation of the year and I had been looking forward to it for six months. I love the city, it's one of my favorite places in the world. The pizza, the attractions and the's all awesome!

2. My son Charlie learned how to walk--I'm a first time parents, so I watched my son hit a lot of milestones this year. The milestone that I was most proud of is when he learned how to walk. We'd been practicing and working at it for months. He started walking at 10 months old and it's a memory I'll carry with me forever.

3. We celebrated my son's first birthday party--I think I was more excited for this party than anyone else in my life. I had been planning this party for months. I really felt like it was my first test as a mom. The party was great and went even better than I could have imagined. He'll never remember it, but we'll always have the pictures.

4. We almost finished our basement--This has been a four year project. The day that our carpet got installed was a long awaited day that I never thought I'd see. We still have work to do in the bathroom, but everything else looks like a functional house!

5. The Taylor Swift fun bus--I had been planning this event for about 6 months. When the day finally came, it was rainy, but it was awesome. The bus was so fun, the concert was great and my son stayed at my mom's house for the first time...I actually got a night of sleep!

Usually my years bring crazy changes in my life. This year was definitely more low key. I didn't have big dramatic life changes. This year was more about growing as a parent, spending time as a family of three and developing personal growth.

What are your top five moments from 2018?! Share them with me in the comments below!

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