Quarantine has presented many challenges. One of those challenges has been not being able to get to the hair salon and clean up my toddler's long locks. It's gotten to the point where his hair is over his ears and his bangs are pretty much in his eyes.

I decided to have a glass of wine and take a crash course in YouTube beauty school. What could go wrong? Two nights ago, I watched 4 videos on how to cut toddler boy's hair. Basically, you start at the bottom, flick your wrist upward to get all of the hair, work your way up, shape the hair with a comb and shaver and then use a scissors to cut the long top. OK, folks, I got this.

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The next day, I realized...nope, I don't got this. I reached out to my sister-in-law Lauren who does hair professionally and asked her for advice. She assured me it was "really easy" and I should just  watch a few more YouTube videos. So, I watched a few more videos, and with Lauren's confidence in me, I felt ready.

Charlie's Haircut Before Photo
Charlie's Haircut Before Photo

I put my toddler in his high chair, and set up my makeshift beauty salon in the middle of my kitchen. I plugged in the clippers, held my breath and cut the first lob. Panic set it when I realized, there's no going back now.

Things turned from bad to worse when my toddler started crying because he wanted to get down and didn't like the sound of the clippers. Friend, the YouTube videos I watched didn't teach me what to do in the case of a toddler tantrum.

He was shaking his head, bending forward...and it just went on and on. By the time I was finished with his hair cut, there were spots that were still long, the top was all uneven, the blend was bad...it was just a mess.

I have developed and even greater appreciation for hair stylists. They make it look easy, and I assure you, it's not. Can we all just shelter in place like we're supposed to so we can end quarantine faster? I need to take my kid into the salon.


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