I went to see the Ed Sheeran concert at U.S. Bank Stadium with my mother-in-law and  sisters-in-law on Saturday. She got us tickets for Christmas so it was a concert we'd been anticipating for months. Let me start by saying Ed Sheeran himself is AMAZING. He took the stage ALONE and performed for about two hours mixing his own music live. He is a true talent and it was easy for everyone to see how he sold out an entire stadium. His personality is so likable. He's the type of guy you just want to be best friends with.


But, the sound quality at U.S. Bank was pretty terrible. It sounded like we were in a tin can the whole concert. It certainly wasn't Ed Sheeran's fault, because he was amazing on stage. I can't even begin to comprehend the kind of confidence and talent it takes to go on stage by yourself for hours on end and entertain an entire stadium of people with nothing other than your raw talent and mixing board. It was actually pretty inspiring. But, it definitely felt like the venue wasn't the best for him. It was also weird that the giant  jumbo screens weren't turned on during the show. I sat in the nosebleeds and couldn't see anything that was happening. It was hard to hear and hard to see anything that was going on.

It would have been a better show at a venue like Target Center or Xcel Energy Center. I wish Ed Sheeran would have done two nights at a smaller venue. U.S. Bank Stadium just wasn't built with sound quality in mind, especially a more intimate music focused show like this one.

The prices of everything at U.S. Bank Stadium are also equally as troubling as the sound quality. For those reasons I really didn't buy anything at all. It was cool to be breathing the same air as Ed Sheeran but the overall experience wasn't anything to write home about.

Dear Ed, please come back to Minnesota again...but, next time let's do a summer concert at Target Field!

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