This past weekend I made my way over to Cold Spring for Hometown Pride Days and Firefest. The main event was held right at the Cold Spring Brewery Distribution Center and it was a great time. There was a huge turn out for it, so huge that they actually ended up selling out of my new favorite drinks before the headliner even went on stage!

I tried the cocktails-in-a-can they were serving up at Firefest and now I am hooked! Monaco Cocktails are awesome! The Citrus Rush one was the first one I tried and it tasted just like a Vodka Red Bull! It was identical. After those sold out I tried a "Blue Crush" flavor that was basically a long island with Blue Curaçao. Then those sold out, so I tried a Black Raspberry one. That one was good too, but be warned: if a stranger drunkenly dumps that flavor on you, it will stain your hair and clothes. Just take my word on that.

The best part about these drinks is that Cold Spring Brewery has been producing for Atomic Brands since 2010. My new favorite drink is made right in the St. Cloud Area!


If you want to try one for yourself, they aren't too hard to find around the St. Cloud Area. Cashwise Liquor, Liquor Pig, West Side Liquor, South Town Liquor, Hwy 10 Liquor and even some bars carry them!

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