I was blessed with wonderful neighbors.  I'm even more blessed that one neighbor in particular likes to share her recipes with the rest of the world.  Sam Switzer is an amazing cook and has an awesome blog devoted to those dishes that "up to now" only a select few were fortunate to enjoy.  Check out "Inspired By Sam" and give her yummy "Jumbo Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffins" a shot.  She brought some over the other night and a fight almost ensued on who would get the last one.

Sam has a passion for cooking and has been doing it for as long as she can remember. She's very adventurous in the kitchen and enjoys trying new things.  Never afraid of a challenge or a picky person to cook for (your truly).  Sam gets her love for food from her mother and credits her for not being afraid to take a risk.  I call Sam a walking "Pinterest Board" and I'm confident after one look at her blog, you will see why.  I know most of you will be very busy in the kitchen this holiday season and my hope is you will step out of your comfort zone and find "What Inspires You."

FYI try making the "Mini Pretzel Bites."  Feel free to contact Sam directly with any questions.