I'm really trying to be objective and not dramatic...if that's even possible for me. But, I am being honest when I say that I just lived through one of the most embarrassing moments of my adult life.

My husband and I decided to go out to dinner the other night with our son who is almost a year-and-a-half. We thought it would be a fun night out for all three of us--cabin fever is starting to hit us hard.

But, we should have stayed in. Everything started out OK. My son Charlie seemed entertained with the free dinner rolls. I was trying to teach him how to color without putting crayons in his mouth.We ordered him a chicken nugget kids meal which came to the table pretty fast.


Once the food got there, things took a turn for the worst. Charlie seemed to enjoy dipping his chicken nuggets into ketchup and then decided to LAUNCH the nuggets over the booth and into the next table.

We took his nuggets away from him and he started SCREAMING. My husband and I didn't know what to do (we're new parents). So, he ran over to the other table and apologized for the chicken nugget ketchup bomb that Charlie threw at this lady. She seemed cool about it...but, we really were THOSE people.

My husband insisted that we get our food to go and LEAVE immediately. I thought we needed to stay and hold our ground. I insisted that we use this as a teachable moment and show him that he needs to behave and can't have his way.

Dave said Charlie was too little to understand a concept like that yet and we were ruining other people's dinners. We were at odds. Eventually, I packed up Charlie and we left the restaurant. Dave stayed behind to clean up the booth since we drove separately.

It was so embarrassing.

What would you have done in our situation? Stuck it out or left immediately?

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