I was at my mother-in-law's lake home over the weekend and my husband caught something I'd never heard about before.

He was attacked by chiggers! I had never heard of such thing--apparently they are little bugs that are more bite than bark. Their bites will leave you feeling extremely itchy. Chiggers are in the same family as spiders but they are smaller and harder to see.

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You can catch them from a lot of different places. It's common to get Chiggers in moist, grassy areas. Apparently, you can even get them from your own lawn. Yikes, right?! They are more popular around lake areas.

The good news is that they are pretty common this time of year. They are more active when the ground is anywhere between 77-86 degrees. They'll die off once it's colder than 42 degrees.

A few co-workers told me that my husband should put clear nail polish over the bites. What are your home remedies for getting rid of chiggers?

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