Apparently I've had Justin Bieber's new song "Despacito" on the brain a lot lately. It's actually starting to affect my sleep. There's a photo going viral of a T-shirt that says;


If you sing the above phrase along with the song, it's a parody that's on beat and pretty hilarious. I found the shirt extremely entertaining.I went to bed on Saturday night and had a dream that I was ordering cookies for my baby shower from the bakery.

For whatever reason, I wanted the baker to make some Justin Bieber themed cookies--specifically "Despacito" cookies. The baker didn't understand my strange request. So, I started singing, "idk the words so I say poquito, idk the words so I say Dorito, idk the words so I say burrito."

Then, the baker was like, "OH, this girl wants the Despacito cookies!" It was a really weird dream...

I woke up and told my husband the awkward dream I had. I didn't think he thought anything of it because I tell him about a lot of my weird dreams. He ran to the grocery store later that day to pick up a few things. When he came home, he had a "Despacito" cookie with him.

I couldn't believe he had actually asked the baker to write "Despacito" on a cookie. She probably thought she was writing some type of curse word on it. There's really never a dull moment in my marriage.

Facebook, Ashli Overlund