My son turns one year old on in October and I'm having a proud parent moment.  My husband thinks I'm going a little overboard with the birthday planning. But, I think I have good reason to do so!

I'm a first time mom and I had a difficult pregnancy. I was on the borderline of having pre-eclampsia and my son was born five weeks early. Despite the setbacks we've had, my son Charlie has grown on pace with kids his age born full term.

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It's hard being a first time parent. You have to get used to life on a strict schedule, you realize you can't just sleep in on the weekends anymore and every trip outside of the home is a big ordeal--not to mention the million trips to the doctor for every little thing (I've learned not to look up symptoms on Dr. Google anymore). Life is finally starting to get back to normal--at least a little bit.

His birthday will be a huge milestone for him, and it'll be a proud day for my husband and I. It's been almost a year of this parenting thing and I finally feel like I'm starting to get the hang of it. His birthday party is for him but it's also kind of for my husband and I. It's a celebration of everything the three of us have gone through this year and survived, and the million little memories we'll take with us for the rest of time.

I'm so excited, in fact, I've hired a caterer for the food, a two tier cake that fits our baseball theme, I'm getting professional photos done of Charlie to go on his personalized birthday cards that look like MLB tickets...and, I even bought a bounce house. Yes, BOUGHT.

My husband thinks I'm going way too overboard for Charlie's first birthday. Dave says Charlie will never remember this birthday and it's pointless. But, I will remember it forever and it means something to me. Plus, someday Charlie will look back at photos of his birthday and think fondly of Dave and I. This is his first big party and I feel like I can't mess it up!

Do you think I'm going too overboard with the birthday?


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