My husband fixed my Apple Watch by running it through the washing machine. I don't recommend trying it at home.

So, my apple watch stopped being able to charge itself over my Christmas vacation. I was devastated because I love my Apple Watch and had barely had it for longer than a year. To make matters worse, my warranty had just ended We took it to the Apple Store in the Mall Of America to see how much it would cost to get it repaired...but the wait just to be able to make an appointment and get a quote was over an hour long. We decided that instead, we'd send the watch in through the mail to get repaired.

My husband told me that he'd take care of it for me. So, I gave my watch to my husband and he put it in his pocket. Now, if you know anything about my husband, you'd know he can be forgetful and he doesn't like doing his laundry. Both of those things actually worked out in our favor.

He got home took off his hoodie with my watch still tucked inside of the front pocket and threw it in his laundry basket. His pile of laundry, which I named 'Mount Divorce', has been piling up since Christmas break.


Meanwhile, I forgot that I gave the watch to my husband. I thought it had been in my purse the whole time. I frantically looked through every pocket in my purse and couldn't find it. I confessed to my husband that I might have lost the watch he bought me.

On Sunday night my husband FINALLY decided to do his laundry. As he was folding clothes and hanging his shirts up we both heard a 'THUD'. He looked at the floor and saw my Apple Watch sitting on the ground. It had been in his pocket the entire time, which means it even went through the washing machine.

At this point, the damage had already been done and there was no sense in getting upset about it. After all, it was already broken. So, we joked about how funny it would be if that could have magically fixed it. My husband paused and said, let's put it on the charger and just see if it works?

I figured, why not! We had nothing to lose. We both joked and laughed and then my husband got a serious look of shock on his face. "WHAT?!" I questioned.

"It works!! It's actually charging," he replied. I thought for sure he was messing with me. But, sure enough, the watch was charging.

So, thanks to my husbands hatred of doing laundry and forgetful mind, I have a working Apple Watch. I don't suggest putting your Apple products through the wash, but it worked for me!

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