Remember the movie 'Jingle All The Way' with Arnold Schwarzenegger? His character, Howard, was tasked with one job that Christmas. He was in charge of getting the one toy his son Jamie really wanted--Turbo-Man. But, Howard dropped the ball and forgot about it. With only a few days left before Christmas he was hunting the town and battling another dad for the doll.


Well, I'm in that same boat right now. My husband was tasked with getting my son a Halloween costume. It's the first year he'll be able to trick or treat. I was originally just going to grab a random costume from the store at the beginning of October. But, my husband insisted that we put more thought and effort into planning the perfect costume. After all, it'll be Charlie's first trick or treating experience. Dave thought we should have a theme and the three of us should dress up as something together. I told him that he could be in charge of planning the costume this year.

Well, here we are TWO days before Halloween, folks, and we have NOTHING for our son. As it turns out, I should have just bought a random costume from the store because now everything is picked over and I can't find toddler costumes anywhere.

My husband thinks that Amazon Prime is going to save our son's Halloween. I'm pretty sure that the costume will likely get here after trick or treating is over on the 31st. So, we've got a big decision to we spend the money and hope the costume gets here in time or do we figure out something homemade this year? We've really dropped the ball.


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