My hero is on the way!  My Go Pro Hero Session camera, that is.  So I just HAVE to tell you my story.

Now...I don't want my Iphone to feel bad. I rely on it to keep my schedule, get me to various locations all around the state, wake me up each morning...There's so much my phone does for me, that I guess I can't really complain.

BUT...I'm going to. I'm sure it's all USER related, but whenever I REALLY need it for work purposes for fails me. It won't record...Too many pictures? Too much data used? Heck..I don't really know. All I know is I need a college class to figure it out. I can empty storage all I I want .....and apparently I'm not really emptying storage, cause it still won't work.


So...Like my other co workers, I've been watching and waiting...and looking for the right deal on go pro cams. Yesterday, with Amazon Prime, I found a great deal! I have to share it with you!

I looked up the SESSION GO PRO Camera. Several of my co workers said THIS is the cam I need. They told me it would probably cost about $150. So...yesterday was Amazon's PRIME DAY. Lucky for me, I was able to get the HERO SESSION GO PRO CAM and three great accessories for $150.  The Camera, an extra memory card, a head strap, and official mount with Go Pro Handle. I looked at another sight, and the side package was $183. So I received $333 for $150 for signing up for 30 days for Amazon Prime, including FREE shipping!

My friend Jessie Vos said that Amazon Prime is excellent, and she saves money their all the time. So...maybe my trial will turn into a permanent thing, if I can get deals like this just by paying a yearly fee!

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