I have a 9-month-old son who has just started crawling around and becoming a more independent person. I've been trying to childproof our house like crazy. I stumbled across this post on Facebook the other day and my heart just sank as I read it. I can't imagine the horror and panic this family felt.

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It was posted by a mother named Lindsey Mclver on July 11. She explains how her family purchased a new washing machine. One morning her 4-year-old son ran into her room in a panic. Lindsey and her husband tried to understand what he was saying. They realized he was trying to tell them that his 3-year-old sister was trapped inside of the washing machine as it was filling with water.

I can't imagine what the couple felt at that moment. Lindsey's husband ran to their daughter's rescue and luckily saved her before things got worse. She details the traumatic events in a lengthy post below.

I can honestly say that I never even thought to childproof the washing machine. I've been worried about things like outlets, cabinet doors, table corners and the bathroom. This mother shared her story as a PSA to make sure that you use childproof settings on your machine and take the necessary steps to make sure you childproof all of your appliances.

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