It's truly a 'Minneapolis miracle.' This game is being coined as one of the greatest Minnesota Vikings games of all time because well, it was.

The Minnesota Vikings came on really strong in the first quarter. It was obvious that they showed up to win. The second half of the game was a different story. The New Orleans Saints made a crazy comeback. People quickly turned to social media to vent about the Vikings being the same old bad luck team they've always known.

In my house, we went from optimistic to over the whole thing, all within about a minute. My father-in-law decided to save himself more heartache and went downstairs to put his shoes on and start his car. My husband, mother-in-law and I decided to stay upstairs and finish out what we thought was going to be another Vikings loss.

Then, within the last ten seconds of the game we started screaming, jumping and crying out loud as Stefon Diggs scored the winning touchdown to end the game. I've never seen my father-in-law run so fast back up the stairs to see what all of the commotion was about. He couldn't believe it! My husband and his dad were in shock and tears hugging each other in my living room! I'm pretty sure the entire country heard our screams last night.

It truly is a Minnesota Miracle--the curse has been lifted! It doesn't even matter what happens next weekend in the NFC Title game. Last night was one of the greatest Viking wins of all time! Today, there's definitely reason to celebrate, Minnesota!

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